​​​​​Senerlastic Coating

Senerlastic Coating is a factory-mixed, 100% acrylic-based smooth elastomeric coating that provides excellent flexibility and weatherability.



​Over 300% elongation

​Bridges cracks and enhances performance

​Low temperature flexibility

​Enhances crack resistance

​Excellent weather-proof coating

​Protects against wind-driven rain

​UV resistance

​Retains color

​Water based

​Safe, non-toxic; clean up easily with soap and water


Senerlastic Coating is intended for use as a coating on exterior wall surfaces such as concrete, stucco, unit masonry, or compatible EIFS finish coat.


24.9 kg per 19-liter pail ​​(55 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


Coverage rates may vary depending on the coating texture, porosity of substrate and application techniques.
Two coats are recommended to obtain the maximum elastomeric properties and for substrates with a moderate texture. Total wet film thickness is 32 mils (16 mils DFT) at 50 ft²/gal (4.6m²/L) or 250 ft²/pail (23m²/pail).


Available in Senergy’s standard colors and custom colors.
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Senerlastic Coating Product Bulletin

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