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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Senerlastic Plus Finish

    Senerlastic Plus Finish is a siliconized, factory-mixed, 100% acrylic-based, textured elastomeric finish that provides excellent flexibility, weatherability, and maximum resistance to mildew growth.



    ​Silicone enhanced

    ​Resists airborne pollutants and increases both water repellency and resistance to mold and mildew; cleans easier

    ​Bridges and seals non-moving hairline cracks up to 1/32"

    ​A component of a stucco repair system on the basis of its protective characteristics

    ​100% Acrylic polymer chemistry 

    ​Long-term durability and weather resistance

    ​Integral color

    ​Reduced maintenance and recoating

    ​Weather resistant

    ​Repels water and resists wind-driven rain

    ​High UV resistance

    ​Resists fading

    ​Abrasion resistant



    ​Doesn't blister, peel or flake


    • Senerlastic Plus Finish is primarily intended for use as a coating over non-textured exterior wall surfaces such as cured stucco, concrete and unit masonry.
    • Senerlastic Plus Finish can also be used to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface color and texture for poured concrete or unit masonry, Senergy Cement-Board Stucco System, Sentry Stucco Wall Systems, conventional stucco, all Senergy Surfacing Systems and certain insulating concrete forms.​


    31.7 kg per 19-liter pail (70 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


    Coverage rates may vary depending on the coating texture, porosity of substrate and application techniques Coverages shown are approximate.
    • Classic Finish: 13 m² (140 ft²) per pail
    • Fine Finish: 13 m² (140 ft²) per pail
    • Sahara Finish: 11.1 m² (120 ft²) per pail
    • Texture Finish: Coverage varies depending upon application

    Colors & Textures

    Available in Senergy’s standard colors and custom colors, in Senergy’s Classic, Fine Sahara and Texture Finishes.

    Senerlastic Plus Finish Product Bulletin

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