DiamondShield is a balanced, open-grid triaxial glass fiber mesh that distributes stress across three directions. The unique design is engineered specifically for use with BASF Base Coats as an overlay system applied to new or existing stucco (Portland cement plaster).



​Alkali resistant, compatible with all BASF Base Coats

​High tensile strength and flexibility for long-term durability

​Triaxial glass fiber mesh design

​Increased flexural & tensile strength at ultimate load

​Used as an overlay system

​Recommended by numerous lath and plaster bureaus

​Made in the USA

​Produced in an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility


For use with BASF Stucco Wall Systems, BASF Stucco Resurfacing Systems and conventional two or three coat stucco systems.


96.5cm x 45.7m (38” x 150’)
4 rolls per box

DiamondShield Product Bulletin Teaser Image

DiamondShield Product Bulletin