​LT Additive

LT ADDITIVE is a liquid additive designed for use with SENERSHIELD-R, SENERSHIELD-RS, and SENERSHIELD-VB fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier products to enable the application of these materials as low as -4°C (25°F).

Features & Benefits



​Broadens application window

​Fewer temperature-related limitation

​One quart treats one 5 gallon pail

​Easy mix ratio


LT ADDITIVE is used with SENERSHIELD-R or SENERSHIELD-VB. Blending of LT ADDITIVE with a pail of SENERSHIELD-R or SENERSHIELD-VB enables application of these materials at temperatures as low as -4°C (25°F).


8 - .95L (1 quart) plastic bottles per carton.