​Doc's Cantina Project Spotlight

Doc's Cantina is a Mexican restaurant which was renovated from a historic home on the shores of RiverPark Place in Louisville, KY.

The original building, which was previously clad in stone, had a number of areas that were damaged by water intrusion. The cost of the project included stripping the building down to its framing where it was need and replacing the sheathing. After this was complete, two different BASF Senergy Wall Systems were incorporated. Senturion I was used over the wood substrates and Senerflex Classic PB over the concrete. To create the the bright vibrants colors, the project team incoporated BASF's Chroma Finish.

​Project Summary

Louisville, KY

K. Norman Berry

General Contractor
Brasch Constructors

UHL Plastering

Senergy Distributor

Project Spotlight - Doc's Cantina Mex-Mex Restaurant

Project Spotlight - Doc's Cantina Mex-Mex Restaurant

Systems & Products Used

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