​AMJC Mosque Brampton

The AMJC Mosque of Brampton, Ontario is a beautifully designed space for prayer and reflection. The architect chose to use EIFS cladding for its energy and cost-efficiency, aesthetic appearance and the unlimited array of colors and textures.

The structure is clad in 15,000 sq. ft. of Senergy’s Senerflex GDC Design System with a fluid applied Air Weather Resistive Barrier, Continuous Insulation and a Geometrically Defined Drainage Cavity. A 175-foot boom lift was required to install the EIFS cladding on the soaring 130-foot minaret.

The project was named a finalist in the 2018‐19 ECC Architectural Design Awards Program by the EIFS Council of Canada.

​Project Summary

Brampton, Ontario

Building Owner


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Senergy Distributor
Senerflex GDC

Senerflex GDC

An adhesively attached, water-drainage EIFS incorporating a Geometrically Defined Drainage Cavity. Available in Canada only.