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    ​Winnetka Mews Condominiums

    The Winnetka Mews Condominiums in Winnetka, Illinois, recently underwent a much needed EIFS makeover. The building’s original EIFS cladding system was more than 30 years old and began to fail with leaks in multiple locations as well as cracking in the finish layer. The project included the removal of the original EIFS system and installation of Senergy’s Channeled Adhesive CI Design. 

    One of the challenges included, determining a solution for the cement-epoxy adhesive used in a spot-bond pattern to adhere the insulation layer to the brick substrate in the original installation. The adhesive proved to be too aggressively bonded, and as a result difficult, noisy, dusty and time-consuming to remove.

    The team used Alpha Genie Base Coat to effectively encapsulate the spot-bond adhesive, and provide a strong, smooth substrate for installation of the new Channeled Adhesive CI Design. To ensure a successful installation, the applicator conducted pull tests before and after application of encapsulating base coat. 

    With the spot-bond adhesive issue resolved, the team moved forward with the installation of the Channeled Adhesive CI Design, which features: 
    • Senershield-R, a fluid-applied vapor permeable air/water-resistive barrier 
    • Neopor insulation board to increase system R-Value while minimizing thickness 
    • Alpha Dry Base Coat, a dry-mix polymer only requiring water to mix, easy to apply 
    • Tersus Color Coat, a modified acrylic coating with dirt and stain-resistive properties

    The best-in-class components and superior wall system combined with the effective collaboration across the team made this building project a success.

    Project Summary

    Winnetka, IL

    Architect and Contractor

    EIFS Specialties

    Senergy of Chicago