​Waterview Developments Phase 1 Condominiums

Waterview Development Condominium

Located in Grimsby, Ontario, the Waterview Development Condominiums Phase I is a modern residential development inspired by Miami Beach architecture, offering luxury living with stunning waterfront views of Lake Ontario.

The building exterior is clad in 60,000 sq. ft. of Senergy’s Senerflex GDC Design System with Type 2 insulation, providing a higher Thermal Resistance Rating. The initial plans included 30,000 sq. ft. of EIFS cladding, however during construction, the EIFS cladding was doubled resulting in significant savings. 

The project was named a finalist in the 2018‐19 ECC Architectural Design Awards Program by the EIFS Council of Canada.

​Project Summary

Grimsby, Ontario

Building Owner


General Contractor


Senergy Distributor
Senerflex GDC

Senerflex GDC

An adhesively attached, water-drainage EIFS incorporating a Geometrically Defined Drainage Cavity. Available in Canada only.