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Senergy offers a variety of high-performance wall systems exclusively available in Canada. ​​​ ​​​

Senerflex GDC with MaxGrip Veneer Mortar

Senerflex GDC with MaxGrip Veneer Mortar

An Insulated Masonry Veneer System with a continuous air/water-resistive barrier and insulation, featuring MaxGrip Veneer Mortar, a high-strength, specially-formulated setting bed mortar used to adhere natural and manufactured stone, tile, and thin brick veneer.

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Senergy Wall Systems exclusively available in Canada

Senergy Wall Systems

As the leading manufacturer of high-performance wall systems for the building enclosure, we offer a wide-range of fully integrated, code-compliant wall systems with a variety of finish options to meet your needs.

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Senergy products in Canada and U.S.

Senergy products

Senergy is the go-to-resource for durable, high-quality building materials for the building envelope.

Senergy Distributors in Canada

Senergy Distributors in Canada

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