​​​​​Evaluation Reports & Approvals Summary

BASF Wall Systems has invested heavily in the performance testing of all Senergy Wall Systems. This assures you that our systems meet or exceed building code requirements.

All component products are tested individually and as components of wall system assemblies to ensure that they meet the needs of all construction team members and building code officials.

We strive in every way to deliver the best products and systems for every project. The following are the evaluation reports for Senergy Channeled Adhesive CI Design.

Various Evaluations per Reporting Party

International Code Council (ICC) - ICC ESR-1878

Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office
Product Control Division: Product Control Notice of Acceptance (NOA)

  • Senerflex Channeled Adhesive over CMU – NOA 18-0905.01

  • Senerflex Channeled Adhesive over 5/8" plywood – NOA 18-0905.02​

  • Senerflex Channeled Adhesive over 1/2" DensGlass, GlasRoc or Securock – Large Missile Impact – NOA 18-0905.03

  • Senerflex Channeled Adhesive over 1/2" DensGlass, GlasRoc or Securock – Small Missile Impact – NOA 18-0905.04​

National Research Council Canada

Florida Department of Community Affairs - Florida Product Approval FL 13447

U.S. Departmentof Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

Material Release 1322

Building Code Compliance Reports

Building Code Compliance Reports