Secondary Weather Barrier Design

A mechanically and/or adhesively attached, non-drainage Class PB EIFS which provides primary barrier moisture control.

Secondary Weather Barrier Design

​Secondary air/water-resistive barrier
​Protects the sheathing, guards against incidental moisture intrusion and air infiltration
​Unlimited colors, textures and architectural details
​Support design freedom, create details that would be impossible or cost prohibitive with other claddings
​Exterior insulation  
​Reduces energy costs
​100% acrylic, reinforced base coats
​Produce a weather-resistant barrier; provide crack resistance
​100% acrylic finish coats
​Resist fading and abrasion; options available for added dirt/mildew resistance


SENERFLEX SECONDARY WEATHER BARRIER DESIGN is used for exterior walls in new and retrofit commercial and institutional projects when additional moisture protection of the sheathing is desired or required to satisfy codes.

SENERFLEX SECONDARY WEATHER BARRIER DESIGN is an enhanced EIFS that includes a secondary air/water-resistive barrier for the protection of moisture sensitive sheathing. The system offers design flexibility, aesthetic appeal and energy savings.